Physiotherapy For Sports

The physiotherapist with an interest in sport have additional expertise in the assessment and management of sporting injuries among people who participate at a high level of sport, have a large training load or volume, or simply a desire to compete at the next level.
All of our Sports Physiotherapists share extensive and unique experience with elite athletes across a wide variety of sporting and artistic disciplines.

Sports Physiotherapists offer the following additional skills:
• Sports-specific assessment and examinations
• Superior myofascial treatment techniques
• Adept muscle recruitment strategies
• Advanced exercise prescription & late-stage rehabilitation
• Periodisation planning
• Biomechanical knowledge of optimal technique
• Monitoring of training loads
• Injury prevention screenings
• Goal setting advice
• Frequent and comprehensive liaison with coaching staff, strength & conditioning trainers, sports psychologists and nutritionists

Our Sports Physiotherapists works with our Biokineticist to offer strength & conditioning/weight training programs to:
• Increase muscle mass/bulk
• Improve muscle power, strength and/or endurance
• Improve speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness
• Increase cardio vascular training

Exercise Therapy and Rehabilitation
Exercise Therapy and Rehabilitation is fundamental to reducing pain and improving function for those with musculoskeletal pain.
Our Physiotherapists incorporate individualised exercise and movement plans and rehabilitation into everyday consultations.
Thorough clinical examination and functional assessment determine the movement tasks, activities and/or exercises appropriate to your injury and individual lifestyle needs.

Advantages of Exercise Rehabilitation:
• Several in-house rehabilitation options
• Dynamic and/or combination rehab
• Immediate to final-stage post-operative rehab
• Clinical consistency and monitoring
• Ease of Accessibility
• Reduced rehabilitation costs

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