Headaches and TMJ issues

Treatment for headaches
Tension headaches are debilitating and scary at times but we believe there may well be a simple solution.

The “Dean Watson” Method
The World Health Organisation reports that “…at least 1 in 20 people suffer from some form of headache everyday”.

Common causes of headaches : It’s all in your neck:
1. Dysfunctional movement of the upper three vertebrae of the neck.
2. Increased sensitivity of the nervous system at the base of the skull.
This is referred to as Cervicogenic Headache which means the headache is caused by the neck.

Miller Physiotherapists provides the latest in headache management and is currently successfully treating;
• Headaches of all types
• TMJ related pain
• Whiplash headaches
• Education on preventative measures including good posture, sleep hygiene , healthy eating habits (reducing caffeine and alcohol intake) and stress management.

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