Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a specific training program designed by physiotherapists to develop and improve muscular control of the body through specific functional movements.
The primary focus is to optimise muscle recruitment and efficiency during functional tasks to reduce pain, improve movement and promote a strong and healthy spine and joints.

Clinical Pilates is highly effective for:
• Spinal pain prevention and management
• Sports-related strength & conditioning
• Rehabilitation post-surgery or traumatic injury
• Osteoporosis and arthritis management
• Balance retraining
• Antenatal and postnatal fitness
• Injury prevention for athletes & sports people
• General fitness and muscle toning
• Balancing fascial lines

At Miller Physiotherapists, we begin with a thorough clinical assessment followed by individualised basic session with a physiotherapist.
When appropriate, patients are then progressed onto floor-based exercises, small group classes or independent Pilates sessions using the reformer ,chair and other Pilates equipment. Home or gym-based programs can also be developed specifically for you.
If you would like to know more about Clinical Pilates, please go to or contact us
Medical Aid Cover apply to assessments and supervised sessions as well as group sessions with Physiotherapists.

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